Benefits of Assistive Technology Tools

Free Workshop on How Assistive Technology Tools Can Facilitate Daily Life Across the Lifespan Including School, Work and Home

Alpert Jewish Family Service

Wednesday, February 24 2021 2:00 PM

<p>When daily tasks are difficult to accomplish, assistive technology tools can help persons with disabilities improve functional capabilities, which increases their independence. Join us&nbsp;for this month&#39;s exciting topic in Alpert Jewish Family Service&#39;s Life Planning&nbsp;educational series to learn more about&nbsp;helpful tools with guest speaker Ana Nevares, MA&nbsp;of Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology.&nbsp;Ms. Nevares&nbsp;will&nbsp;highlight devices,&nbsp;provide insight and field questions on how&nbsp;assistive technology tools can facilitate daily life across the lifespan including school, work and home.</p> <gdiv></gdiv>