We Walk: A Talk with Author Amy S. F. Lutz

We Walk: A Talk with Author Amy S. F. Lutz

Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

Tuesday, February 23 2021 7:00 PM

<p>Amy S.F. Lutz combines personal narrative, interviews, and research in philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, disability studies, bioethics, and sociology to examine social issues such as inclusion, therapeutics, and religion through the lens of her son Jonah&rsquo;s severe autism. This collection features essays about the b&rsquo;nai mitzvah the author shared with her son, the often-fraught experience of taking him to restaurants and other public spaces, and the controversial use of psychiatric interventions on children, among other topics. In a time when the public perception of autism is shaped largely by the &quot;quirky geniuses&quot;&nbsp;featured on television shows like <em>The Big Bang Theory</em> and <em>The Good Doctor</em>, <em>We Walk</em> insists that public debates about this disorder foreground those who are most impacted by it.</p>