Networking & Community Building Workshop - Week 2

Networking & Community Building Workshop - Week 2


Thursday, February 11 2021 3:00 PM

<p>JFNA is pleased to partner with RespectAbility to host a series of convenings for all of us who are passionate about the advocacy agenda of the JDAM sessions. We will gather informally on Zoom for facilitated discussions, sharing strategies, learning from each other, and planning action steps so that together we can pursue disability justice and inclusion for all. <strong>This week&rsquo;s breakout discussion session topics include Addressing Mental Health Challenges and Isolation, Disability in Israel, and Empowering Youth with Disabilities and Their Families</strong>.<br /> <br /> Each breakout session will utilize Zoom&#39;s auto caption feature. If you instead require an ASL interpreter, or a live captioner, please indicate that in the registration form, and we will reach out to ensure that the breakout sessions that you wish to attend have that available.</p>