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Events (57)

A Trip Through Israel - 3rd-6th Grades

Monday, November 1 - Monday, November 29

5 weeks of virtual travel to experience history, geology, ideology, and a taste of the local cuisine throughout Israel.

Israel Innovation - 6th-8th Grades

Tuesday, November 9 - Tuesday, November 30

Throughout this 4-week course, we will take an in-depth look at some of Israel’s most cutting-edge technologies.

Prayer Project: Hitbodedut

Sunday, November 14 - Friday, December 10 9:00 AM

Over 4 weeks learn how talking spontaneously with God–every day is the most powerful path to spiritual growth.

Illuminate Hanukkah

Saturday, November 27 7:00 PM - Friday, December 17 6:00 PM

A self-paced journey through 8 themes inspired by the holiday and the season.

A Great Miracle Happened Here

Sunday, November 28 7:00 PM - Sunday, December 5 8:00 PM

Light your menorah at home & get an inside look at Jewish life in places where JDC has worked to save & build Jewish life.

Applying for Nonprofit Security Grants Webinar

Monday, November 29 12:00 PM - Monday, November 29 1:00 PM

Learn about FEMA’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP), get the info on how to apply for it, discuss growing hate crimes.

Hannukah in the Bible

Monday, November 29 3:00 PM - Monday, November 29 4:00 PM

We will look at the earliest evidence we have from Jewish texts for the festival of Hannukah & how it has changed over time.

Firelight Flow: A Chanukah Yoga Class

Monday, November 29 7:00 PM - Monday, November 29 8:00 PM

Jewish yoga and mindfullness in celebration of the Festival of Lights - an integrated meditation and gentle yoga flow.

PJ Library Hanukkah Story Time & Songs

Tuesday, November 30 11:00 AM - Tuesday, November 30 12:00 PM

Join the Haverhill Public Library for a Hanukkah stories and songs.

Behind the Scenes-Israeli Hit Show “Asylum City”

Tuesday, November 30 12:00 PM - Tuesday, November 30 1:00 PM

Hear about the hit Israeli show Asylum City a story of a complex web of political corruption, organized crime & exploitation.

Family History Today: Jewish Dress and Cultural History - What You Can Learn from Grandma's Photos

Tuesday, November 30 5:00 PM - Tuesday, November 30 6:00 PM

How to read the clothing in old family photos for clues about how history shaped our ancestors’ lives, aspiration & struggles

New Reading of Hannukah-Text Study for the Holiday

Tuesday, November 30 5:00 PM - Tuesday, November 30 6:00 PM

What if we changed the Hanukkah narrative and made it a journey of spirit, the collective, and justice-seeking?

The Untold Story of Syrian Jews

Tuesday, November 30 7:00 PM - Tuesday, November 30 8:00 PM

A national day of commemoration of Jewish refugees who were displaced from Arab countries and Iran in the 20th century.

Celebrate & Connect Chanukah: Couples Series

Tuesday, November 30 8:00 PM - Tuesday, November 30 9:30 PM

Mark the holiday by working on your relationship. Talk money and gelt this Chanukah.

Chanukah Candles, the Burning Bush & Jewish People

Wednesday, December 1 1:00 PM - Wednesday, December 1 2:00 PM

Compare the Chanukah story to another story of a flame that burns but does not extinguish: Moses at the burning bush.

Reboot Ideas: Democracy Thrives in Light

Wednesday, December 1 5:00 PM - Wednesday, December 1 6:00 PM

The flames of Hanukkah can illumine cracks of hatred and help shape the multiracial, inclusive democracy that we strive for.

Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights

Wednesday, December 1 6:00 PM - Wednesday, December 1 7:00 PM

8 female international Jewish artists will share their unique creations inspired by hanukkiot (Hanukkah menorahs)

Leonid Ptashka and His Band

Wednesday, December 1 7:30 PM - Wednesday, December 1 9:30 PM

Spend an unforgettable evening, filled with the vivid colors of jazz from incomparable Jazz maestro Leonid Ptashka.

Hanukkah Arts Workshop

Wednesday, December 1 10:00 PM - Wednesday, December 1 11:30 PM

Using simple yet expressive materials we'll explore the personal meaning in an age-old Hanukkah argument.

Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights

Wednesday, December 1 - Wednesday, December 1

An unforgettable evening of performance, education and artistic engagement for all ages.

Have You Made Art About It Yet? Hannukah Edition!

Thursday, December 2 12:00 PM - Thursday, December 2 1:30 PM

Celebrate Hannukah by exploring questionsrelated to light through creative process and conversation.

The Law of Return & Liberal Conversions in Israel

Thursday, December 2 12:15 PM - Thursday, December 2 1:30 PM

Reflect on the question, "Who is a Convert," and how the Law of Return judges the legality of Liberal conversions in Israel.

Meet the Author: Graceful Masculinity

Thursday, December 2 1:00 PM - Thursday, December 2 2:00 PM

What can we learn from Judaism about toxic forms of masculinity? Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Moskowitz will fill in the gaps.

A Hanukkah Visit with Julian Edelman

Thursday, December 2 6:00 PM - Thursday, December 2 7:00 PM

The former New England Patriots Player will discuss his Jewish journey and identity, pride for the State of Israel, & more

The Light And Legacy Of Rachel Cowan

Thursday, December 2 6:45 PM - Thursday, December 2 9:00 PM

A celebration of the light & legacy of Rachel & screening of Dying Doesn’t Feel Like What I’m Doing, a new film about her.

Lighting the Way

Thursday, December 2 8:00 PM - Thursday, December 2 9:00 PM

A performance & conversation to fill us with spirit, inspire us & help us reimagine what climate activism & our world can be

Making Mochi Doughnuts for Multicultural Hanukkah

Thursday, December 2 8:00 PM - Thursday, December 2 9:00 PM

A step-by-step workshop to make mochi doughnuts, a take on traditional Hanukkah sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts).

Virtual Impact Summit

Friday, December 3 - Friday, December 3

Gather online to learn, network, and be inspired to action by JWI’s work and community.

Latkes and Light - In Your Pajamas

Sunday, December 5 12:00 PM - Sunday, December 5 1:00 PM

Celebrate Hanukkah with singing, dancing, stories & hands-on projects all from the comfort of your home and in your pajamas!

Z3 Conference 2021

Sunday, December 5 12:00 PM - Sunday, December 5 7:00 PM

A future scenario where world-renowned speakers will break into 6 teams & analyze it from a Jewish world perspective.

Hanukkah: Kindling the Light of Compassion

Sunday, December 5 12:00 PM - Sunday, December 5 3:30 PM

A 1/2 day retreat to immerse in Jewish spiritual modalities to help us cultivate our capacity to respond compassionately.

A Zos Chanukah Concert

Sunday, December 5 6:00 PM - Monday, December 6 8:00 AM

A festive virtual concert featuring Jewish pop singer Ari Goldwag on Zos Chanukah, the final night and day of Chanukah.

Becoming Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Monday, December 6 11:00 AM - Monday, December 6 12:00 PM

Dr. Ruth Westheimer speaks about how to live life to the fullest with Tovah Feldshuh, who will play her in “Becoming Dr Ruth”

The Meaning of the Menorah

Monday, December 6 1:00 PM - Monday, December 6 2:00 PM

An exploration of the menorah from ancient times to today. Visit Jerusalem sites to feel the lively spirit of Hanukkah

Vir­tu­al Launch Par­ty: Paper Brigade

Monday, December 6 5:30 PM - Monday, December 6 6:00 PM

The launch of the 2022/5782 issue of Paper Brigade: short read­ings, stu­dio vis­its & con­ver­sa­tions with contributors.

Hanukkah Concert with Mister G & Friends

Monday, December 6 5:30 PM - Monday, December 6 6:30 PM

Join Latin Grammy Award-winning musician Mister G, Jewish music-makers & global collaborators for a family Hanukkah concert.

Virtual Mussar: Generosity/N’divut

Monday, December 6 7:30 PM - Monday, December 6 8:30 PM

Reflect on the middah of generosity & the ways it may be expressed including expressions that don’t involve money.

Did German History End with the Holocaust?

Tuesday, December 7 12:00 PM - Tuesday, December 7 1:00 PM

Post WWII policies in Germany are increasingly under fire and beg many questions about Jews in Germany and German history.

Amplifier's event: Giving Circle Quickstart

Tuesday, December 7 1:00 PM - Tuesday, December 7 2:30 PM

Join Amplifier's short and sweet training that will give you all the tools you need to start your giving circle. Registration includes a 90-minute online training, and ongoing support from Amplifier as you get your circle off the ground.

She’s Gone: Shedding Light on Domestic Violence

Tuesday, December 7 4:30 PM - Tuesday, December 7 6:00 PM

What can be done about the increase in intimate partner violence and how the exhibit She’s Gone is protesting this phenomenon

Next Generation Jewish Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, December 7 8:00 PM - Tuesday, December 7 9:00 PM

Join 2 successful Jewish entrepreneurs for a discussion on how Jewish values have impacted and enhanced their careers.

Under Jerusalem: The Buried History of the World's Most Contested City

Wednesday, December 8 6:30 PM - Wednesday, December 8 7:30 PM

Delve into the tombs and tunnels of the Holy City and experience the indelible characters of this subterranean landscape.

I am the Lord your God – A Call to Kindness

Wednesday, December 8 7:30 PM - Wednesday, December 8 8:30 PM

Some commentators do not count this as one of the 613 Mitzvot, but it is definitely the first of the “Ten Commandments.”

Lessons from the New Jews of Color Study

Wednesday, December 8 10:00 PM - Wednesday, December 8 11:30 PM

Hear of the experiences of Jews of Color (JOC) & what we can learn by exploring questions recent studies used to identify JOC

Studio Israel with Neta Elkayam

Thursday, December 9 12:00 PM - Thursday, December 9 1:00 PM

A conversation with Neta Elkayam, an Israeli singer & visual artist whose work plumbs the culture of the Moroccan Jews.

Jewish & New-ish

Thursday, December 9 8:00 PM - Thursday, December 9 9:00 PM

Converted to Judaism in the past 5 years? Join this gathering & continue your journey with Judaism in a community of care.

2021 Jew­ish Writ­ers Sem­i­nar for Adult Readers

Sunday, December 12 10:00 AM - Sunday, December 12 4:00 PM

This seminar brings togeth­er agents, edi­tors, and authors for a full day of dis­cus­sion about Jew­ish book publishing.

A Conversation with Author Ayelet Tsabari

Sunday, December 12 11:00 AM - Sunday, December 12 12:00 PM

A conversation with Ayelet Tsabari whose fiction is global in scope yet as intimate as a frank conversation with a friend.

A Conversation On Combating Antisemitism

Tuesday, December 14 7:00 PM - Tuesday, December 14 8:00 PM

Join us for a conversation on fighting antisemitism, prosecuting hate crimes, and legal tools to combat BDS.

Shabbat, the Day of Renewal

Tuesday, December 14 7:30 PM - Tuesday, December 14 8:30 PM

Shabbat customs from around the globe: folktales, music & food. Bring your own stories, recipes & memories to share.

To Tree or Not To Tree: December Decisions

Tuesday, December 14 8:00 PM - Tuesday, December 14 9:00 PM

Many couples face tensions with families and difficult decisions around December holidays. We can learn from one another.

Creating Light: How We Weave our Own Rituals

Wednesday, December 15 7:00 PM - Wednesday, December 15 8:30 PM

This workshop will weave together themes of Hanukkah, include guided meditation, text study and a ritual creation activity.

Circle of Hope and Healing

Tuesday, December 21 10:00 PM - Tuesday, December 21 11:00 PM

An opportunity to share our respective journeys through grief toward healing. We will learn, explore and connect — together.

Virtual Travel: Marrakesh

Wednesday, January 19 2022 - Wednesday, January 19 2022

Travel with the Museum from home and experience live-streamed walking tours.

Book Talk: Sanctified Sex

Wednesday, January 26 2022
12:00 PM - Wednesday, January 26 2022 1:30 PM

Sanctified Sex-The 2000 Year Jewish Debate on Marital Intimacy & what Judaism says about how to nurture loving relationships

Jewish Disability Advocacy Day

Wednesday, February 23 2022 - Thursday, February 24 2022

JFNA & the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism proudly present the Jewish Disability Advocacy Day.