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Events (34)

Mishnah Collective: Days of AWE-some

Friday, August 6 1:30 PM - Monday, September 20 2:30 PM

Daily learning to support your spiritual preparation this Elul.

APPLY: Repair the World Service Corps

Monday, August 23 12:00 PM - Monday, September 27 11:59 PM

Repair the World’s service corps mobilizes adults ages 18-29 to invest both in their communities and themselves through the lens of Jewish values.

REGISTRATION: Learn to Read Hebrew

Monday, August 23 12:00 PM - Thursday, October 14 11:59 PM

Learn the Hebrew alphabet & recognize & understand common Hebrew words often heard in Reform congregations & Jewish prayer.

The Art of Leftovers: A Gourmet Colorful “Palate”

Sunday, September 19 12:00 PM - Sunday, September 19 1:00 PM

Gain inspiration from a gourmet chef about what to do with all those holiday leftovers.

Hadar High Holiday Derashot

Sunday, September 19 8:00 PM - Sunday, September 19 8:30 PM

A series of High Holiday Derashot, exploring timely topics as we prepare for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot.

Update on Belarus

Monday, September 20 10:00 AM - Monday, September 20 11:00 AM

A briefing from U.S. Ambassador Julie Fisher on the latest in Belarus and the status of the U.S.-Belarus relationship

Book Talk: Rebecca Frankel’s Into the Forest

Thursday, September 23 3:00 PM - Thursday, September 23 3:45 PM

From a little-known chapter of Holocaust history, Into the Forest tells an inspiring true story of love and survival.

Arab Citizens of Israel: Israelis or Palestinians?

Thursday, September 23 3:30 PM - Thursday, September 23 4:30 PM

How do Israeli Arabs deal with identity issues, feeling like 2nd class citizens and experiencing significant upward mobility

Can We Talk About Israel - with the Author

Thursday, September 23 7:00 PM - Thursday, September 23 8:30 PM

Why do so many people feel so strongly about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without actually understanding?

“Truus’ Children” Screening And Discussion

Sunday, September 26 2:00 PM - Sunday, September 26 3:00 PM

A virtual screening and discussion of Truus’ Children with the Netherlands’ diplomatic network in the US.

Resting in Heshvan

Thursday, September 30 12:00 PM - Thursday, September 30 1:30 PM

Jewish meditation, niggunim, text study and creative ritual to explore how to make the most of the gift of pausing in Heshvan

Mystical Connections: Kabbalistic Teachings on Relationships and Intimacy

Thursday, September 30 8:00 PM - Thursday, September 30 9:30 PM

The spirituality of encountering one's beloved-kabbalistic and rabbinic texts on the nature of relationship, sex, & intimacy

Prayer Project: Liturgical Prayer

Sunday, October 3 12:00 PM - Friday, November 5 12:30 PM

Explore modes of prayer through body, heart & mind to discover which prayers might serve as a vehicle for native expression.

Israel Today and Tomorrow: Rap It Out

Monday, October 4 12:30 PM - Monday, October 4 1:30 PM

Hear about the viral video "Let's Talk Straight," and how this project has grown into a relationship over their shared humanity. 

Book Talk: Squirrel Hill with Mark Oppenheimer

Tuesday, October 5 3:00 PM - Tuesday, October 5 3:45 PM

Squirrel Hill paints a portrait of the struggles and triumphs of a singular community in the wake of unspeakable tragedy.

Conflicting Visions of Israel

Wednesday, October 6 1:30 PM - Wednesday, October 27 3:00 PM

Study the visions that have shaped Israel’s socioeconomic, religious & political reality & ongoing debate over those visions

Parenting Journeys

Wednesday, October 6 9:00 PM - Wednesday, November 10 10:15 PM

Join fellow parents for a 6-part series of facilitated, small group conversations to share strategies, stories and laughter.

Have You Made Art About It Yet? Beginning Anew

Thursday, October 7 12:00 PM - Thursday, October 7 1:30 PM

Explore the ebb and flow of cycles as we find ourselves rolling back the Torah to start all over at Bereisheit!

Book Talk: How Jews Made the Art World Modern

Thursday, October 7 5:00 PM - Thursday, October 7 6:00 PM

How Jewish art dealers changed the fate of the modern art world & unwittingly defined the present & future of it

How to Answer a Fool

Thursday, October 7 7:00 PM - Thursday, October 7 8:30 PM

Explore biblical & rabbinic debates over the duty, utility, and virtue of answering a “fool” & limitations of civil discourse

Zoom Gali Gali - A Family Shabbat Celebration

Saturday, October 9 1:00 PM - Saturday, October 9 2:00 PM

We invite families with young children to join us for a fun, musical, spirited Shabbat celebration.

Deep Interfaith Learning to Empower Compassion

Sunday, October 10 9:30 AM - Sunday, October 10 5:00 PM

A day of learning & practice in Sustainable Compassion Training including Jewish texts, insights & interpretations

Holocaust Survivors in German exile after WWII

Monday, October 11 12:00 PM - Monday, October 11 1:00 PM

Author of The Last Million: Europe's Displaced Persons from World War to Cold War, on this tragic & overlooked Jewish story

European Jews in the 21st Century

Tuesday, October 12 1:00 PM - Tuesday, October 12 2:00 PM

What is the status of Jews in Europe in the 21st century?

Mystical wisdom for today's challenges

Tuesday, October 12 8:00 PM - Tuesday, October 12 9:30 PM

An experiential Jewish mysticism combining Jewish meditation and middot (soul traits/personal attributes).

How the “Shema” Took the Prize!

Wednesday, October 13 10:00 AM - Wednesday, November 3 11:30 AM

Follow the journey of the Shema, from verses in the Torah to becoming a daily practice and a declaration of Jewish faith.

Creative Commentary

Wednesday, October 13 - Wednesday, October 13

Uplifting song, discussion of the week's Torah portion & creative writing to get your head, heart & imagination going

Book Talk: Friendly Fire: How Israel Became Its Own Worst Enemy

Thursday, October 14 1:00 PM - Thursday, October 14 1:45 PM

A journey from kibbutz to decorated commando, naval commander, intelligence chief & cabinet member with a plan for the future

Book Talk: Friendly Fire

Thursday, October 14 1:00 PM - Thursday, October 14 1:45 PM

Former Shin Bet Director, Knesset and Cabinet Member Ami Ayalon on Israel’s foundational myths and national security concerns

Yiddish South of the Border

Monday, October 18 5:00 PM - Monday, October 18 6:00 PM

A conversation on Yiddish in Latin America & how it expresses the challenges & achievements of Ashkenazi immigrants

Book Talk: People Love Dead Jews

Tuesday, October 19 1:00 PM - Tuesday, October 19 1:45 PM

Dara Horn's latest book is a startling exploration of how Jewish history is exploited to flatter and comfort the living.

A Book Con­ver­sa­tion with David Gross­man

Wednesday, October 20 12:30 PM - Wednesday, October 20 1:30 PM

Join David Gross­man in a con­ver­sa­tion about love, trau­ma, and heal­ing, and his new book, More Than I Love My Life.

Hazon Seal Summit 2021

Thursday, October 21 12:30 PM - Thursday, October 21 5:00 PM

A virtual conference designed to bring together individuals passionate about environmental stewardship.

Have You Made Art About It Yet? Gratitude Edition!

Thursday, November 4 12:00 PM - Thursday, November 4 1:30 PM

Using creative process, access new insights about the gifts that surround us and explore that which we may not yet see