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Events (52)

History of Zionism: Building the Impossible Dream

Wednesday, May 26 8:00 PM - Wednesday, August 11 9:00 PM

Explore the great leaders that helped craft a modern Jewish nationalism & what moved them to build a new Jewish state


Wednesday, June 16 11:30 AM - Wednesday, August 18 1:30 PM

Sort through the stressful confusion and give voice to the feelings, concerns and questions you’ve been afraid to ask.

Registration: Elul Cycle

Thursday, June 17 12:00 PM - Friday, July 30 5:00 PM

An online havruta (one-on-one) learning program that provides participants with weekly learning to prepare for the Holy Days

The Curse of Eve: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Tuesday, June 22 1:00 PM - Thursday, July 29 2:15 PM

Explore how one episode from the Garden of Eden influences and is influenced by later biblical stories and interpretations.

Accepting Applications: The Krauthammer Fellowship

Friday, June 25 12:00 PM - Friday, July 30 5:00 PM

A part-time program for working professionals & graduate students to advance the writing talents & careers of Jewish intellectuals.

Martin Buber: A Life of Faith and Dissent

Wednesday, July 7 1:30 PM - Wednesday, July 28 3:00 PM

Explore the new biography of Martin Buber in this 4-week class to understand his life & how it attuned him to human relations

Martin Buber: A Life of Faith and Dissent

Wednesday, July 7 1:30 PM - Wednesday, July 28 3:00 PM

A new biography explores key moments in the life of Martin Buber (1878–1965), one of the most influential Jewish thinkers

Tikvah Open University

Thursday, July 8 7:00 PM - Sunday, August 29 9:00 PM

Tikvah Open University offers high-level seminars for adult learners of all backgrounds.

Jewish Changemakers Fellowship Session 2

Monday, July 12 - Friday, July 30

A 3-week program for Jewish young adults to expand their career, network and ability to affect change in their community.

High Holiday Resources from Keshet

Monday, July 19 9:00 AM - Friday, September 3 5:00 PM

7 trans & non-binary teens reflect on their experiences & how they understand Keshet's 7 Jewish Values for LGBTQ inclusion

Bugsy Siegel: The Dark Side of the American Dream

Thursday, July 22 7:00 PM - Tuesday, July 27 8:00 PM

Author Michael Shnayerson discusses his new biography of Bugsy Siegeland tries to understand him in all his complexity.

Legacies: Judy Heumann

Tuesday, July 27 2:00 PM - Tuesday, July 27 3:00 PM

Join Judy Heumann for a conversation about her family in the Holocaust, new memoir & remarkable career

Virtual Walking Tour of Riga

Tuesday, July 27 3:30 PM - Tuesday, July 27 4:30 PM

A virtual walking tour of Riga, the capital of the Baltic region.

Finding Healing and Balance in the Sea

Wednesday, July 28 12:00 PM - Wednesday, July 28 1:00 PM

Learn about an innovative program & healing process for military members with visible and invisible scars.

JNF Reading Series

Wednesday, July 28 7:00 PM - Wednesday, July 28 8:30 PM

Q&A session with Ben Freeman about his book, Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People. Inspired by his experiences with LGBTQ+ pride

Fulfilling Justice For the Munich 11

Wednesday, July 28 7:30 PM - Wednesday, July 28 8:30 PM

Discuss the ongoing struggle for 1 minute of silence during the Olympics to remember the Israelis who were murdered in 1972

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Community Training

Wednesday, July 28 8:00 PM - Wednesday, August 18 9:30 PM

A training for those interested in the essential work of incorporating DEI practices and principles into your community.

Why We Still Write Holocaust Fiction

Thursday, July 29 12:30 PM - Thursday, July 29 2:00 PM

A discussion with authors about the enduring power–and perils–of Holocaust fiction.

Hebrew & Persian roots of Azerbaijan & Russia

Sunday, August 1 1:30 PM - Sunday, August 1 3:00 PM

An overview of Kavkazi Jewish origins, history, & the way in which the diaspora is making efforts to preserve their heritage

Abba Kovner: Hero and Witness

Sunday, August 1 2:00 PM - Sunday, August 1 3:00 PM

Learn about Abba Kovner, leader of Partisan fighters during WWII, Israeli poet & star witness during the Adolf Eichmann trial

The Last Kings of Shanghai

Sunday, August 1 7:00 PM - Sunday, August 1 8:00 PM

An epic, multigenerational story of 2 rival dynasties that flourished in Shanghai and Hong Kong into the twentieth-century.

Journalists in the Middle East Crosshairs

Tuesday, August 3 11:30 AM - Tuesday, August 3 1:00 PM

Current & former correspondents discuss covering a region where the narratives clash so violently & readers care so deeply

Jewish Lives: Rabbi Akiva: Sage of the Talmud

Wednesday, August 4 1:30 PM - Wednesday, August 18 3:00 PM

3 sessions about the great sage: Rabbi Akiva who helped shape new direction for Judaism amid the destruction of Jerusalem

GEMS of the Zohar

Thursday, August 5 3:30 PM - Thursday, August 19 5:00 PM

Explore the Zohar, a masterpiece of Kabbalah, a vast mystical commentary on the Torah, composed in 13th-century Spain.

The Worker's Circle First Fridays

Friday, August 6 12:00 PM - Friday, August 6 12:30 PM

A social justice briefing & community building event to meet others & learn more about priority legislation & developments

The Shofar Project: An Elul Intensive

Sunday, August 8 9:00 AM - Monday, September 6 12:00 PM

The Shofar Project 5781 is for people who want to make this a year of transformation through teachings and daily practices

Jewish Life in China: Tales from the Far East

Sunday, August 8 1:30 PM - Sunday, August 8 3:00 PM

Learn how Jewish life is today for those who currently live in China and the rich history of Jewish communities in China.


Monday, August 9 11:30 AM - Friday, August 27 2:00 PM

A 3-week daily bet midrash exploring new areas of depth in learning to becoming players—people who learn and shape tradition.

A Month of Guided Practice for Elul

Monday, August 9 12:00 PM - Tuesday, August 3 12:00 PM

Spiritual practices for the month of Elul sent to you by text.

Work-Life Balance in Ancient Times

Monday, August 9 2:00 PM - Monday, August 9 3:30 PM

Questions about how to balance work and family have been discussed by the Rabbis for hundreds of years.

Temple-Table: Finding Flavor in the High Holy Days

Tuesday, August 10 8:00 PM - Tuesday, August 10 9:00 PM

Class and cooking demo to explore the symbols and rituals of the Days of Awe so that you can host a Rosh Hashanah dinner

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

Wednesday, August 11 5:00 PM - Wednesday, August 11 6:00 PM

Right in time for the new Jewish Year and inspired by Jewish wisdom, join Michal Oshman into a journey of self-discovery.

The Jewish Community of Selma Alabama

Thursday, August 12 12:00 PM - Thursday, August 12 1:00 PM

Observe a rich tapestry that speaks to the experience of being Jewish in a small community in the Deep South.

Framing the High Holidays for Today

Thursday, August 12 1:00 PM - Monday, August 2 2:00 PM

Explore the texts, meaning,and traditions of the Tishrei holidays.

Book Talk: Period. End of Sentence

Thursday, August 12 3:00 PM - Thursday, August 12 3:45 PM

Anita Diamant and Rabbi Sherre Hirsch discuss their global fight for menstrual equity & how Jewish values inspire their paths

Elul & the High Holidays: Rethink, Renew, Rejoice

Thursday, August 12 8:00 PM - Thursday, September 2 9:30 PM

A textual and experiential exploration of teshuva and renewal during the month of Elul to prepare for the Days of Awe.

JWA Book Talks: The Rabbi Who Prayed with Fire

Thursday, August 12 8:00 PM - Thursday, August 12 9:00 PM

Discuss The Rabbi Who Prayed with Fire, the tale of a queer female rabbi whose synagogue bursts into flames

The Jewish Heritage of Brazil

Sunday, August 15 1:30 PM - Sunday, August 15 3:00 PM

Learn about Jewish history in Brazil which began long ago with Jews arriving under colonial rule thrives to this day.

Elul Beit Midrash

Monday, August 16 7:45 AM - Monday, August 2 1:00 PM

Classes throughout the month of Elul to help you prepare for the New Year.

Polish Jews-Warsaw Ghetto remains & Jewish revival

Sunday, August 22 1:30 PM - Sunday, August 22 3:00 PM

A virtual tour of the Warsaw Ghetto remains and how Jewish life in Warsaw has been revived.

Camp Isabella Freedman: Summer Camp for Adults 55+

Tuesday, August 24 12:00 PM - Sunday, August 29 5:00 PM

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center continues the tradition of providing summer camp for adults & their families

The Great Bagel-Off

Tuesday, August 24 12:30 PM - Tuesday, August 24 1:30 PM

A chewy, carb-o-licious competition between the best bagels from New York and California.

Race and Racism in the Berlin Olympics of 1936

Tuesday, August 24 8:00 PM - Tuesday, August 24 9:00 PM

Examine how racial politics and theories of race defined all aspects of the 1936 Olympics.

The Historical Roots of the Biblical Narrative

Wednesday, August 25 7:00 PM - Wednesday, August 25 8:30 PM

Hear about many years of archaeological exploration in Egypt & Israel & what it reveals about the origins of ancient Israel

JNF Reading Series

Wednesday, August 25 7:00 PM - Wednesday, August 25 8:30 PM

Q&A session with Max Levin about his book, Under the Stretcher which takes you into “Operation Protective Edge"

Giving Circle Quickstart

Thursday, August 26 1:00 PM - Thursday, August 26 2:30 PM

This short and sweet training will give you all the tools you need to start your own giving circle.

Author Talk: Coming to Terms With America

Thursday, August 26 5:00 PM - Thursday, August 26 6:00 PM

Jonathan Sarna speaks aboutg the release of his new book, gathering four decades of research into the lives of American Jewry

Coming to Terms With America

Thursday, August 26 5:00 PM - Thursday, August 26 6:00 PM

Join Jonathan Sarna as he explores how Jews endeavor to be both Jewish & American at once, from the American Revolution-today

Natan Sharansky in Conversation with Gil Troy

Sunday, August 29 2:00 PM - Sunday, August 29 3:00 PM

Hear Natan Sharansky tell his personal history in dialogue with historian Dr. Gil Troy, and they will take your questions.

Between Judaism and Christianity

Sunday, August 29 5:00 PM - Thursday, July 29 6:00 PM

Welcome the High Holidays with an illuminating conversation about repentance, redemption & experiencing divinity in the world

Create a Rosh Hashanah-Themed Card or Picture

Monday, August 30 7:30 PM - Monday, August 30 8:30 PM

A one-hour collage workshop to creatively repurpose old magazines and paper to create a card.

Chana's Prayer and Ours

Wednesday, September 1 12:00 PM - Wednesday, September 1 1:00 PM

Hannah's prayer is the story of a mother and her yearning for personal fulfillment & the welfare of the entire Jewish People